Love & happiness.

BotMan became hugely popular by putting up hundreds of framed original pieces of his art across Cornwall, London & various spots across Europe & beyond. BotMan's art is symbolised by loving, innocent, child-like little robots who demonstrate acts of kindness & the giving of love. An act that seems sometimes lost within our world. As well as creating thousands of thought out pieces of art, BotMan has created merchandise such as prints, stickers, pin badges, t shirts & guitar picks. The symbol of a cartoon style heart is ever present in all of BotMan's work, often along with a tree sometimes. These symbols reflecting happiness & life. The heart shows that love is ever present if we are willing to look for it & the tree symbolises life. The fact that we are here only once so it's important to enjoy & love life. BotMan uses the term, 'born lovin' to define his work, stating, "Too much Ronald McDonald & not enough Dali Lama". It's this phrase that BotMan states as his main desire to continue what he does. BotMan's work has been exhibited in galleries worldwide, including Cornwall, London, Miami, Australia, New York & Barcelona. His art has been published in various magazines, websites & newspapers, including The Cornishman, The Sun, 247 Magazine, Antidote & many more. It's claimed that BotMan's work was briefly seen in Banksy's film, Exit Through The Gift Shop but this is still to be confirmed.

- Two sell outs shows at London's Brick Lane Gallery 2012.

- Sell out show at Art Basel Miami 2012. Work hung next to the likes of Ron English, Banksy, Daniel Johnston & Jullian Lennon.

- St Ives Cornwall UK solo show at Cafe Art in St Ives 2012. Sold out in two days of Valentines Collection.

- Previous again at Cafe Art was a group show for December 2012. Sold out twice over. Such was the demand, more pieces were required.

- Show at Crackerbox Australia during December 2013 & January 2014. Two pop up shows were created in Cairns & Sydney.

- St Ives Cornwall UK solo show at Cafe Art 2013.

- Solo show at Pop Gallery Wadebridge August 2014

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